Road Trip Expectation vs. Reality

Over spring break I went along with some friends on a well-earned road trip. Now we were immensely looking forward to this. We have been planning to drive up to Rachel, Nevada and hit up Area 51 for a while now. It took about 6 hours to reach and if there is one thing I can say, road trips aren’t always what you expect. They’re actually worse.

Based on books and movies almost all of us expect road trips to consist of memories with friends, good music, laughter, and a sense of freedom. To drive down an endless road with no one around you, music loud and singing along to the lyrics till your throat runs dry. We expect beautiful scenery and seeing hitchhikers on the road. An overall unforgettable adventure. A total cliche.

But sadly, almost none of that is true. Here’s the reality: car sickness, annoyance, and way too many bathroom breaks. Over the span of just 2 hours my friend Steph managed to take 4 bathroom breaks and ripped the aux cord. We missed probably 3 exits and increased the duration of our trip. The car was too hot and there was also a lot of traffic that we did not expect. And honestly, this article perfectly explains the truth behind road trips.

Although at the end of the day, it was all worth it. All the car sickness was washed away when we reached our destination. We visited The Little A’Le’Inn and toured around the attractions near Area 51. Road trips may be a total pain but they pay off. Although I still think it would be best to just take a plane or train. The trip was fun and we all had an amazing time! Up until we had to drive ANOTHER 6 hours home the next day.


Little A’Le’Inn

Steph: Extratterastial Highway



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