The Cracker

The Cracker– a computer criminal. An intelligent individual who attacks in secret, someone who can either destroy or improve someone’s life. In movies or tv shows and even books, I find myself inexplicably drawn to characters who are hackers. I love the way they’re written and the whole idea behind the reason they attack others through the web. It varies between personal gain for oneself, or gain for the mass. One of my favorite examples is Mr. Robot. This is a show about an underground hacker society who goes by the name of fsociety. The main character is Elliot Alderson, a security engineer at Allsafe Cybersecurity and a vigilante hacker by night. One of the more notable hacks done by fsociety was when they hacked E.Corp, also referred to as Evil Corp, and successfully took them down. This threw the world’s economy into chaos and erased thousands of people’s debts. One of Elliot’s hacks for personal gain can be found from this clip, where he changes his tests and records from his times in the hospital.


I just love the whole hacker aesthetic. I am not into action or fighting, it doesn’t interest me. I find that in movies, hacking is always the right way to expose someone. I love how in just one click you can completely change or destroy someone or something. It creates a certain tension, will their backdoor be successful? Will they get caught? Can they really overwrite the system? Black hats, such as Elliot, are always characters worth writing. I feel like this picture from above taken from a cartoon/comic can describe what a hacker can do. Another reason as to why I enjoy watching movies or shows based off hackers is because it happens in real life. Almost everyone knows of the activist hacker group, Anonymous. This group has no leadership and thus the blame cannot be pinned onto one person. Just like fsociety, they have a strange sense of justice. They have been involved in many protests in the U.S., actively taking part and showing the truth.


Elliot stopping a cyber attack against Allsafe.





2 thoughts on “The Cracker

  1. This is a trope that is really common however, it’s always one of the best. Watching hackers try to get into high security systems always gives you a sense of excitement and anxiousness. I really enjoy your insight on this trope and the example; it sounds really interesting.


  2. I liked the way you described hackers and why you enjoy watching them. I really like Mr. Robot too because of Rami Malek. I enjoyed reading about the various types of hacking and what happens to people when they get hacked.


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