Hybrid Course Opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking an online class. I transferred in during the second semester and I find it to be one of my greater decisions. With a free period, I was able to complete my homework quicker and more efficiently. Just having a free period was what I enjoyed the most. Being able to work alone and do my assignments by myself was my absolute favorite part. When I was in a normal English class I could never fully enjoy it because of all the group work and projects. I loved the responsibility this class gave me; having to keep up with the work and reading with no reminders.

If my high school were to add more online classes I would be in absolute bliss. Normal English classes tend to drag on and on. It is such a complete bore. Why spend a whole month on one short story when you can finish in a week and be done with it? Not only that but in this hybrid class, we learned things differently. We had different mini units that were more interesting than reading Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories. As I stated before, I had normal English first semester. And I am so glad that I had the opportunity to switch into a hybrid course. It would be an interesting turn if Fountain Valley were to allow students to take more than one hybrid course during their school year.

Stress does not even exist when it comes to a hybrid course. It’s almost euphoric. We had the max maybe 3 to 4 assignments a week. And they were different, they weren’t worksheets or essays, but blog posts and flipgrids.  I would absolutely recommend hybrid courses to everyone. They’re a great opportunity to test your skills and see if you’re responsible enough to have a class where you’re not constantly reminded of the assignments.

Overall I loved having an online class and I would definitely take another one. I absolutely wish that next year they will have more than one period of online English. I do hope that I will be lucky enough to be accepted into hybrid English once more. I am definitely taking more online classes during my academic career.  I am looking forward to the future of hybrid courses at Fountain Valley High school.